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[VIDEO] New Score Report Provides Explanation of Exam Results – Incorporates Diplomate Recommendations (Part II)

Earlier this month, I provided an update on our collaborative effort with the Internal Medicine community to improve the Score Report. We’ve created a new interactive video to walk you through the changes in the new, enhanced score report and… (READ MORE)

Collaborating with Physicians to Update the Internal Medicine MOC Exam Blueprint

As part of ABIM’s ongoing collaboration with the physician community to ensure the Internal Medicine Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Exam reflects what internists in practice today are doing, ABIM has been working with practicing internists to update the Internal Medicine… (READ MORE)

Diplomates to Receive Additional Feedback on their Exams – Incorporates Diplomate Recommendations (Part I)

We’ve heard from many physicians who, when they get their exam results, want to have more information so they can better understand their results. Working with input from ABIM Board Certified physicians, we are launching a new score report that… (READ MORE)