World AIDS Day Podcast: Reflections from the Front Lines

Today is World AIDS Day — a day that provides us with an opportunity to raise awareness about HIV, show support for those living with HIV and honor those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses. Learn more at, and

AIDS was first identified in the early 80s – right around the time when many members of ABIM’s Infectious Disease Board were entering the health care field. ABIM Vice President of Medical Research Lorna Lynn recently spoke with members of the Infectious Disease Board, including Antigone Dempsey, Jeanne Keruly, Jeanne Marrazzo and Jeffrey Rapp, about their experience on the front lines of the epidemic and why they devoted their careers to this area.

Though much has changed in how HIV/AIDS is treated and how patients living with the disease are stigmatized by society, the group agreed that there is still work to do to ensure that those living with HIV/AIDS in America and around the world receive proper medical attention and compassionate care.

While it was difficult for members of ABIM’s Infectious Disease Board to relive some of the memories from the early days of the fight against AIDS, they remain hopeful that medical advances, improved awareness and expanding support communities could end the epidemic.

Listen to the conversation: